Playing with my new squishy ball in my favrite bumbo chair

Enjoying some sunshine with Grandma Lisa

Picnic for Steve's work

Steven and Camrin watching the kids hit the pinata.
Auntie Cori and Uncle Chris

Hannah showing off her cupcake that she won in the cake walk.

Owen, patiently waiting for his cupcake.

April and Ethen

Fun day at the Seattle pier and Aquarium

Daddy and Camrin pose with the Beaver.
Camrin and mom's first trip to the Seattle Aquarium

Camrin loved the fish, he laughed and cooed at them all.

Graduation Day!!!

Standing at attention before the ceremony began.

Mom and Camrin showing off daddy's hard earned badge.

Mom and Camrin were very nervous pinning daddy's badge on him.

We are so PROUD of Steve!

Steve and his patrol partner Ben.

More pictures of Steve's graduation

Camrin and Kendall playing around!

It was a long day for our little guy

PROUD dad Dave and brother Gabe

PROUD mom Margie

The girls- Whitney, Lashell and Rachelle

There's just something about a man in uniform!!!

FAVORITE uncle Tom

Congratulations to Steve on becoming a Police Officer...It's finally official.

Camrin's 3 month pictures

We can't believe how fast our little guy is growing up.

Steve's Police Academy Picture

Only 4 more days of shcool and Steve will be a commissioned Officer. Steve is in the first row, second one in from the right.

Rainforest Jumperoo!

Having fun playing in my brand new Jumperoo!!!

Sleepin in my car seat while mom shops

I never leave home without my crinkle toy elephant!

Sleepy time in cousin Kendall's crib

Cousin Kendall let me break in her pretty princess bed!

Talking with Auntie Lu Lu!

Auntie Lu Lu...She's the BEST!

Superman Pose!

Practicing my superman pose in my sleep.

Snuggling with Teddy!!!

Cousin Joye

Cousing Joye came all the way from Montana to visit baby Camrin.

I love my mommy!!!

I love my mommy even when I am sleeping.

My fingers sure do taste nummy!

Uncle Wayne loves me too!

Laying around with Cousin Bo

Me and my Grandpa's

Cooing with Grandpa!

Just hanging out!