Camrin's First Haircut!!!

Camrin got his first haricut today at Auntie LuLu's salon. We had so much fun and Camrin was such a good boy. Before Camrin's big boy haircut

Look at how hansome our little man is :)

Celebrating Daddy's 32nd Birthday Early!!!

Camrin was chatting it up with Grandpa Rob all night.
Grandma Margie loves her little grandson
Margie made her baby boy a yummy birthday cake
Camrin helped daddy blow out the candles
Camrin was thirsty after all the pizza and cake. Look mom, NO HANDS!!!

Camrin's 11 month pictures

Cute little bum bum

I just love the way Camrin sleeps

Kendall's 1st Princess Birthday Party

Proud parents Gabe and Whitney with their princess Kendall
Kendall opening her gifts with her little helpers!


Cruisin with Auntie Lanette

Aunite Net pushed Camrin and his stuffed friends around the house until she couldn't push anymore!!!
Camrin thought his box was super cool
Push me in this too!

Camrin's 10 month pictures

The famous come and get me smirk...

Camrin love to have books read to him

Soo serious