Shank Thanksgiving Dinner

Lil Miss Thang...
Cam and Kendi helping sissy open her Birthday present
Sis is Thankful for another birthday present, her favorite...Elmo!!!
Auntie Whitney taking good care of the kids with their edible placecards

Time to eat...but not until I get a picture...ha ha

Ellie and Gramma Lisa
Taking over baby Romans stuff
Cutie Pie Roman

Ellie and Kendi in their matching favorite is Camrin stuck in the toy box in the background of this

A Thanksgiving we'll NEVER forget...2010

Gobble Gobble
sissy and Papa hanging out
The backrub
Turkey is done!
My Kitchen Helper
A surprise Guest....big Tyler
Dinner was awesome, conversations were memorabe especially at this kids table

kids table...ha ha..was suppose to be grown up table
LIttle Ellie being so proper with her wine glass
My little pumpkin

Second Snow Day!!!

Little Snow Bunny
Sledding down our hill in our backyard
go Sissy!!!
Taking a stroll in the neighborhood
Little Footprints
Chopping Wood for our fire
The boys hanging out by the fire
Having fun wih daddy!!!
Creating fun family memories

First Snow Day...

Snow Angels

Cam being silly while inside warming up before we head out again

Family fun

Awww...Cam loves his snowman

Snow kisses from Daddy

Surprise Mini Birthday Cake

The kids and I surprised Steves Dads wife Lisa with mini Birthday Cake...she loved it.

Charley's First Snow

Charley was trying to catch the snowflakes...pretty funny!

Gracy's 18th Birthday!

Happy 18th Birthday to my Niece Gracy...she wanted a Tye Dye Cake, so that is exactly what I made her :)
Sissy and Gramms getting ready to dance
Kendi and Ellie showing everyone their moves
Dance Dance Dance
Wahoo...go Cam
Uncle Steve got Kendi to pose for this one...super cute
Kendi's little brother Romas smiling for the camera too!!!
Ellie and Kendi were trying to pretend to sleep, but kept giggling