Living the good life in my 30's!!!

Some of the gals that made my birthday special :)
Thanks to my love for my Birthday Party!!!
Chef Rogers...should be a chef...his ribs were AMAZING!!! ( The apron was my touch...)

The chocolate bar...a huge hit!
Robin and Eddie...the toughest badmitten competition!
Ashley and pretty girl sweet!
It was like being at the fair...Camrin was giving all the kids rides on his bike...too funny!!
Taking a water these quiet moments (they are rare)
A little game of badmitten...Steve was undefeated!!! Go team Shank.
My dearest friend, Shari...gotta love this gal :)
My friends know me best...THANK YOU!!!

Turning the Big 3-0!!!!

After a fun day shopping and lunch with my hubby, we celebrated my birthday with my family.
Mama Margie came through with an amazing upside down pineapple cake....MMmmmmmm

There wouldn't be a party if we didn't have the wine...Me and My Big Sis!!!

Celebrating Mothers....

There is no bigger or better JOY in the world than being a MOTHER. I love my Full Time job being a MOM...but most of all I am thankful for my mom who made me who I am today!
My babies
Sunday BBQ with my mom and kiddos.
Camrin was such a gentleman...he served all the moms today.
After was time for water gun wars with Papa (Camrin was laughing soo hard it was so cute...I love these happy moments)
Sweet moments...Ellie giving papa her signature smile.

My little cuteness!!!
More Mothers Day Fun!!!
After Cams party we got to celebrate mothers day with Margie and Whitney...It was a lot of fun!
Margie, Kendi, Ellie and Cam (before the water gun wars)

The only way to celebrate a mom...ganging up on her with the kids and water guns! Run, Grandma, Run!!!

More Birthday Fun!!!

Happy 3rd Birthday Camrin!!!

Cam was a little confused when everyone was starring at him was pretty cute!
Watergun Wars with his buddies
Cam and his best budd Bo in action
Malachi and his cool shades.
Best Friend Isaac
Grandma Margie...hanging with the ladies and the little table :)
Can I please open my presents now???

Mommy and Sissy
A little game of checkers
My handsome husband and adorable children.
A fun way to end a fun day, with a great picture :)

A Fun Birthday Day with our son!

We had a fun day celebrating Camrn's 3rd Birthday. He looks so grown up in some of these pictures. We spent the day at KidsQuest Museum and then had lunch at Red Robin. Camrin was really confused when they sang to him...but knew exactly what to do with the sundae they brought!!!
Watch out...Sissy is behind the wheel
I think I know this girl

There's the Birthday boy...he LOVES the water...this was so perfect for him.

Lunch at Red Robin...Mmmmmmmmm!!!
Bigger Bites Mommy!!

The Fam

Present Time!!!

My Bang Bang!!!
Cam and Daddy getting ready to "clear the house"

And they're off...Sissy and I sure do feel safe with these two and their bang bangs :)