Emily's 1 year photos

Ok, so I'm a little late getting Emily's pictures back and posted (better late than never, right). I'm so excited we are on the yearly picture taking schedule now and not monthly. She is so adorable!!!

The famous stare down face PRETTY LITTLE PRINCESS

Happy Birthday to me AGAIN!
Emily's eyes can light up any room, they are so beautiful!!!

The Race is On!!!



Another Birthday ...Another Cake

So fun making another Birthday cake...Devil's chocolate cake with Raspberry filling and a raspberry buttercream frosting topped with raspberries. Mmmmmmm!!! Hope John and his office love it!

Dad...I need to borrow the truck!!!

This day will eventually come...

Cute little kiddos!!!

Emily loves to walk around the house in circles and talk on the phone...thats my girl. Camrin has been my little cuddle bug lately...When sissy goes to bed we pull out the blankets, cuddle ont he couch and have mommy and Cam time...I love this little guy!

Happy Birthday Jude!!!

Making cakes is one of my biggest passions. So for baby Jude's First Birthday, I made him his own truck cake to demolish, then two more cakes for everyone at his party to enjoy. I can't believe how big Shari's little guy is. What a fun party!!!

Jude taking Ellie for a ride...they played so well together :)
Finally a girl to hang out with. All my friends have boys, so it was cute to see Emily giggle with sweet little Jaqueline.