The Great Wolf Lodge...

Water Park

The family
Lil Ellie in her swim gear
Daddy and his baby girl
Cam and Nathan...cheese!!!

Brave lil guy, ready to jump
Most of the Shank/Daniels gang

Isaac walking the lillie pads

My lil sweet pea all tuckered out

snack time
Chris and Steve after the tornado run!!! Super fun ride.

Can we go home now?

More play dates for the kids

Emily and Asher checking out Elmo...

Camrin's first visit to the arcade

Not too sure of the clown...

Playing with the twins...

Camrin played hard with Ashley and Sara, he fell asleep on Sarah's lap, which he NEVER does. Little guy was in heaven with his twin babysitters. (lucky guy)

Favorite friends...

Emily and her Auntie Noelle
Camrin and his buddy Ashley playing with chapstick...Camrin thought it tasted quite nice.
Camrin snuck up on Ashley and started eating her pizza...what a gentleman. :)

Another Auntie

Missy and little Emily...


Me and my Sissy

Camrin reading sissy a bedtime story in his big boy bed.
Camrin loves his sister very much

Play date with Tiffany and her boys...

Kai and Talen calling for backup in the police car
Talen and Camrin taking a break
Tiffany loving on Emily

Camrin and Emily's Baby Dedication

It was such a blessing to have pastors Tom and LaDonna Gates dedicate Camrin and Emily. We are so blessed to have such beautiful healthy children. Thank you to everyone who shared this special day with us. Camrin and Emily's big day. A day of giving their hearts to the Lord.

Special prayers over our family
Grandma Linda holding Emily in her ADORABLE outfit that is 62 years old and was worn by my mom when she was dedicated. This dress is very special to us.

Rachelle and Jason hanging out
Grandpa Rob hanging out with the kids

Fun with the Cretti's
Mommy's special goodies for our babies!!!