Camrin's 6 Month Photos

Sweet baby blue eyes...his looks just melt my heart.

Auntie Ang and Raegan bought me my cute Teddy Bear overall outfit. All the ladies love me in my big boy hat!

We are so thankful to have a happy son who brings so much joy into our lives.

Kisses and More Kisses Please...

Camrin wearing daddy's Police hat

Here Kitty Kitty

Camrin loves animals, he could't keep his eyes off of Simon.

Camrin hanging out with Grandpa Dave, Grandma Lisa and of course - Simon the cat.

I love my sippie cup!

Guess who's rolling over in his new jammies...

All tuckered out from the Trick or Treaters

Mom and Camrin all dressed up for Halloween!

Bath Time

He loves to splash his hands in the water.

Camrin is really fascinated with his feet.

Our little Cheezer!!!

The McKee Family was in town!!!

It was so nice to finally meet baby Raegan. She is so precious.
Camrin and Raegan on their first date!!!

Raegan cuddling closely with her daddy, Tyler.
Camrin loves his Auntie Ang.