Welcome Baby Charley Bear Shank!!!

Our new family of five.
Here is a picture with our new baby girl, Charley Bear and her beautiful fun loving parents, Missy May and Brodie Boy.
This is sooooo funny...Charley Bear's daddy doesn't like to sleep with his head on the floor so he mounts his mouth over the chair to hold his head up while he sleeps...this dog is hilarious!!!
A sleepy ride home.
Sweeet Charley Bear loves her new cuddly soft blanket ( I think it reminds her of her mommy)
Camrin asked us to take a picture of him and his new buddy...so here it is...the best picture this boy has ever taken :)
kisses and more kisses
She is so cute...we love her
Camrin's new bedtime pal...

Papa's Jam session...

After Auntie Lanette's Birthday, we all got to watch Papa play his bass guitar with his crew. It was so fun to watch him do what he loves...play music.

Camrin almost fell asleep standing up, while this woman played her violin. It was so funny...but sweet too!

Happy Birthday Lanette!

Happy Birthday Auntie Net. I must say this cake was the best tasting cake I have ever made..MMmmmmmm

Toddler Tumbling Time!!!

We enrolled Ellie into totts tumbling, she was so excited...Apparently Camrin was too. When we got there, Camrin decided to enroll himself once he saw all the fun mats and jumping toys.
Emily had a blast...finally a place where the majority are girls :)

Sure, I'll climb these stairs that lead to nowhere and then just jump off...my kids have no fear!
The trampoline run was a lot of fun
Silly boy

The newest members of our family...

Camrin studying his new fishyEllie is so proud of her new fishy she picked out all by herself Our new fishy friends love their new home. Camrin named his fish "SNAKE" and Ellie named her fish "PEARL".

Totally Cute...

Awwww....I love my little sister
Playing with big brother sometimes requires wearing a helmet. Looks pretty cute too.
Pretty Girl!!!

Welcome Baby Nolan!

Emily loved holding Nolan...She tells EVERYONE "I saw a baby". Her first sentence. It is absolutely adorable.
Nolan is so precious...I am so happy he is finally here :) Congrats to the Wimbles family...they did good.

Goodbye hill...hello wall!!!

Finally some yard and something nice to look at from inside. Next, making it all come together with pretty plants and ground cover....we are soooo excited to have a beautiful but rustic AND completed backyard.

End of day 4...most of the wall is finished and dirt has been moved out.

Day 2...Building the wall

The guys working on our backyard are so amazing...and we thought we could do this no problem...ha...never in a million years!

First Backyard Project!!!

Here is a before picture of our backyard.
Another before picture of the never ending hill....
Here comes the bucketloader...The kids had so much fun watching the guys scoop all the dirt.
End of Day 1...AMAZING!

My little cutie pies!!!

They've been practicing cheeeeeese for a long time!!!

Mom's 63rd Birthday

Happy 6th Anniversary!!!

Happy 6th Anniversary to the love of my life. He has given me everything and I am so thankful for him! I love you Babe!