A visit to Grandma's

While Grandma was away, Cam got to take his best gal friend over to Grandmas to feed the bunnies and duckies. They had so much fun running on the trails and giving the animals hugs!
Sissy running from the duckies.

Camrin wanted to throw all the food in their bath water, so he could go in and get it...what is it with boys always wanting to be in the water?
holding the bunnies...I was more scared than they were :)

Daddy's Little Helper

Cam loved helping daddy use his new power washer he got for his birthday.
Mom...we're busy. Stop taking pictures :)

Another Cake...

This one was for a TPD fundraiser event for Richelle Heacock who was in the car accident on her way back to Officer Mundell's funeral...

The Shank Birthday Celebration...

We had a wonderful day celebrating Birthdays for Dave (60), Steven (34), Camrin (3) and Kendall (3). The sun was shining, kites were in the air and our tummies were full of Wayne's awesome ribs and my yummy cake.
Yeah, a power washer...now daddy can clean mommy's new house :)more presents
The Shank BrothersDave and LisaGrandpa Dave showing the kids how to fly a kite...it was pretty cute. Kendall invited Grandma Lisa to sit on the for sale sign with her. It was pretty sweet. Of course Ellie needed to be by her favorite friend of the day, Grandma Lisa!
Varooom! Finally a pink toy, thanks to cousin Kendi!
Bubble time.
Too cute!

The good ole days when you get to kick back and relax...Gracie had the right idea here!

Papa's 65th Birthday!!!

Camrin helped mommy make Papa's cream cheese carrot cake. Mmmmmm
Ellie and her Papa
Happy 65th Birthday to the most wonderful dad and papa anyone could ask for.


Emily showing us how she twirls in her new Easter dress.

Sissy reading daddy her new book.

Easter at Grandma Margie's

The kids had so much fun hunting the Easter Eggs in Grandma's backyard.
Got It!!!

Wiped out from all the Easter Fun.

24 hours of Tevon

Camrins and Emily's buddy got to stay the night while his mommy and daddy got away for a date night. We had a lot of fun! Isn't this face ADORABLE!!!
Gotta love the fishies...now if we could just figure how to get them out???

Story time
Let's race. So funny how the boys love to push strollers, but without babies, just their dinosaurs and cars :)

Welcome baby Taylor Addison

Big sister Payton giving Taylor kissesCamrin loved holding Taylor. He asked so politely and then wanted me to get away from the baby. It was so darling, the gentle touch and concern he had for her.

Sleepovers Galore!!!

Payton got to stay the night while Mommy, Ashley was having baby Taylor Addison.
Sissy and Payton showing off their cool hairdos.
How many babies can fit into one stroller?
I can't decide which one I like best.