A fun day at the Museum of Flight!!!

What a fun day at the Museum of Flight. Camrin loves airplanes!!!

Our little pilot
Camrin and Daddy being silly!

Sporting my new RED cast!

hangin out in my police car snacking on some licorice.
Play time with Daddy

Check out my new ride...

Camrin worked so hard to get his motorcycle toy to stand up just perfect so he can attempt to take it for a spin...only if it were a little bigger...he is such a funny boy!

Playtime with the Schaffer Family...

Scoop time...

Camrin playing copy cat in the pool with Dylan...so cute
Solvita loving on her baby boy!!!

My little cowboy!!!

Happy 3rd Birthday Ezra...

Ezra blowing out the candle on his Spiderman cake with web ballons, that I made special just for him.

Mommy's little helper

Camrin loves to help me bake...mostly because he gets to lick the beaters (he loves sugar just like his daddy)

More summer time...

Playing on the stairs daddy built!!!

My big boy bed...

Camrin likes to play on his new big boy toddler bed, but the question is...will he sleep in it???
Just taken a break...

Look at me!!!

100% Boy

Well Camrin had his first visit to the emergency room. Mommy and Camrin were playing hard and little man lost his balance and fell on his wrist just enought to fracture it. Poor little man is in a splint cast for the next couple weeks. He is such a trooper...not even a cast slows him down.

Gearing up for Fall!!!

Camrin loves his new rainboots Grandma Linda got him. Now he is ready for some puddles.

Grandpa's little helper!!!

Camrin helping Grandpa Leonard paint the walls...he loves to help with everything.

Action filled Sunday!

First, we were off to Missy and Travis' house for a BBQ and playdate with Ella and Jackson.
Camrin and his gal, Ella

Camrin taking a break hanging out with his buddy Jackson

Second...We hung out with the Daniels for Shishkabobs and ice cream...fun times!!!

The wagon gang, David, Isaac and little man Cam!!!

To END the day we stopped by grandpa Shanks for some yummy ribs where Camrin exhausted the last bit of his energy on the stairs showing Grandpa his tricks!!!

Jackson turns 3!!!!

We had a fun day at the park celebrating Jackson's 3rd Birthday!!!
Yummy Cupcake time!!!
All the little ones waiting patiently for the pinata to break open :)
Camrin and baby Cole swinging away
Hudson and Cam planning their escape route...