Ellie's growing up...

We thought it might be time to introduce Emily to her big girl bed, and what do you know, she LOVES IT!!! Cam, daddy and Charley helped Ellie put her big girl bed together
All our babies were ready for their "pretend nap" Well, I am sure Charley would have slept if the kids didn't harass her :)
"I wish"
Sissy and her best friend
Our little Angel finally fell asleep after a good hour of wondering what was going on.
She is so precious, we can't believe how much she is growing up.

Sweet & funny puppy moments

Charley is getting funnier every day...now she sleeps with her tongue out!

Jeff's 40th Birthday!!!

Jeff's yummy birthday cake I made!!!

Ellie and Payton...trouble!!!!
Camrin practicing his tricks

Ellie's last day of Tumbling

time to stretch
A fun way to start the course...
lil poser

Emily has mastered the balance beam :)
up and over with a little help from mommy
taking a rest
Ellie loved the big trampoline.

Tee Ball Time!!!

High Fives at Firt Base!
Running with friends to second base.
Batter Up...
Our little slugger did great on his first day of Tee Ball

Play Date with Isaac and Jude

Cam and his best budd Isaac letting the girls spin the wheel to push them on the cart...too funny
Ellie taking the car out for a spin ...watch out

Pt. Defiance Park was a lot of fun...and a beautiful day for it.
Fun Times! Camrin was sure missing his best buddy.

Little Posers...

Camrin cuddles with Charley all the time and wants his picture taking every cute moment

Happy Birthday Margie!

Grandma's Favorite...Yellow Cake with Chocolate Frosting!

Camrin helping Papa Rob flip some burgers :)
Sissy and Charley checking on the duckies

Charley LOVED the duckies...look at her wrinkles..too cute!

Our Furry & Fuzzy Pals!

There's no questioning...the kids know exactly what to do the minute they get to Grandma's

Campfire Birthday Party!

Grandma Margie's campfire cupcakes Mmm..
Right before Morgan the dog attacks the chair attempting the get that cupcake

Walking the trails with my big brother