First Radio Flyer Tricycle!!!

Grandma Linda couldn't resist buying her little boy his first Tricyle. Camrin loves his new big boy toy as you can see he is showing off some of his tricks.

My Final Cake!!!

Done at final cake was super yummy-Chocolate cake with raspberry filling and creamy choc frosting. I had a lot of fun with making my cakes from scratch and then decorating it in class with my neighbor Bonnie.

Camrin's First Camping Trip

We went camping this weekend with Grandma Margie and Grandpa Rob at Fish Lake in Eastern Washington. We had a lof of fun playing in the dirt, swimming in the lake and spending a fun filled day of shopping in leavenworth.
Grandma and Grandpa being silly in the hat store.
Camrin loved the swirly kites and the man in the goofy glasses.

Daddy and his baby boy!!!
Mommy and Cam getting comfy by the campfire.
Camrin loved the lake...our little fish.
Grandma showing off her grandsons dirty hands after he was doing army crawls to escape the tent.
my boys giggling before bed time!!!
The Fam!!!
Margie and her baby boy sporting the starbucks cups
Like father like son
What a beautiful day at the lake.
Camrin testing the waters.
Me and Margie

Lets go fishing dad!!!

Another successful cake!!!

This is my second took a lot of time, but I am pretty satisfied with it. After all the hours put into it... buying a cake doesn't sound like such a bad idea :)
Mommy made Camrin his own little clown...yummy!!!

Kent Meridian Girls after 10 years!!!

Me, Athena, Charissa, Hannah, Missy, Ashley, Jaime and Jennifer
Me and My Honey!!!

Sprinkler Time!!!

Cam experienced the sprinkler for the first time today...and LOVED IT!!!

Date Night for mom and dad!!!

Steve and I with our boy right before we left for my 10 year highschool reunion. More pics of the eventful evening to come.

Raegan turns 1!!!

Yummy Cake!!!
Ang and I couldn't get the kids to take a picture next to eachother so we decided to sport their matching hats for them :)

Cam preparing to give Raegan kisses.
Of course Camrin had to help Raegan open her presents!!!
The little princess on her Winnie the Pooh Jet Ride Along...

Happy Birthday Grandma Margie!!!

Steve, Camrin and I had a great afternoon with Grandma Margie. We celebrated her birthday going out to lunch and then eating the yummy cake I made.


I just can't get enought of our cute son, especially his gorgeous blue eyes and heart melting smiles.
Pretty Baby Blues
My little giggle bug....this ones for you Noelle!!!
Camrin loves to steal mommy's sunglasses...He is so adorable.

My First Cake!!!

So, I thought I would get creative and take a cake decorating cake class, so I can keep up with miss Stacy Daniels, Cake Guru!!!! And here is my first masterpiece.

Bo turns 10!

Happy 10th Birthday Bo Charles.
Kasy and Taylor being silly as usual.
Camrin and Daddy riding on Bo's West Coast Chopper Bike. Camrin loved to go on rides, and gives you heart melting tears when he has to get off :(

Mommy and her little man trying to stay cool from the heat.

Cam waiting patiently for someone to put him back on the scooter. He is such a BOY!!!

A Fun Day with Daddy!!!

Camrin and Daddy went to the Supermall to play in the toys. Camrin is really fascinated with the airplanes hanging from the ceiling. He had fun meeting new friends too.

Cam thinks Bella is so funny and loves to ride on her back.
Camrin wearing daddy's glasses. He loves to smile big for the camera...what a funny boy!

Happy 4th of July!!!

We had a fun day today with Grandma, Grandpa and cousin Tyler at the church 4th of July festival. We missed daddy very much!

Camrin got face painted for the first time with a colorful firework!!!

Camrin and Grandma growling at eachother!

Mommy and her big boy in the army truck!