Camrin spends the night at Grandma's

Dinner time for the Bunnies
Cam feeding his furry pals at Grandmas
Helping Grandpa water the pond for the duckies
Grandmas can have fun too!!!
Climbing the rock wall - like Uncle Gabe
Silly Grandpa
Cheers to a great time!!!

Choo Choo!!

Yummy Cupcakes!!!!

Shari and I had so much fun making cupcakes for her husbands work party...they were a hit!!!

Emily's 9 month checkup

Our baby girl had her 9 month checkup today. Dr Naylor said she is beautiful, and her growth is right on track. Emily is 20.1 pounds and 27 3/4 inches long. We can't believe in just 3 months she will be 1!!!

Our first place...SOLD!!!

Today is a GREAT DAY! We accepted an offer on our house...Bonney Lake here we come!!! We are so incredibly happy. God is so good to us and his hand has been with us through this whole process. Wahoo!

Mossyrock Camping Trip

We had a great time camping with Steve's squad...the weather was beautiful and we experienced a lot of good laughs!
All you need is a good pair of boots to go camping Mudd..... Camrin loved swimming in the water
Me and Robin watching the kids swim

Jeff and Ashley on lunch duty...Yummy Mariners dogs!!!
Most of the Crew
That is ALOT of meat

Cam and Daddy up to batCamrin and his "WATER"
I think my kids might need baby AA

Payton and Camrin doing their thing
Like FATHER, Like SONGary and his baby Caleb....AWWWW how precious
The girls getting ready to beat the boys at poker
Robin and Payton catching up on all the Hollywood gossip

Trying to stay cool...

Ellie and her buddy Jude
cute little bums...