Daddy's new partner

Camrin tells daddy he wants to go to work with him everyday and get the bad boys. This was his costume last year. Grandma Linda might have to make him a new one (that fits) :)

Silly Girl...

Planning their getaway...
My kids love to clean...oh no...what does that say about me???

Cooper Lake Getaway...

Steve and I got a night away from the kids so we decided to go to our favorite camping spot by Cooper Lake. Brought back a lot of good memories. The campground was just as good this time around as it was 7 years ago, less the company!!! We still haven't figured out how to pack lightly :)
Ready to relax...
Didn't take Steve long

Cute but dirty little girl, Charley
Charley's first swimming lessons
She did great but would rather be on shore :)
My handsome husband
watch out...a knife and a bottle of rum!!!
Bored of Brad...yeah right!!!!
Good Night Charley Bear!

Emily's Baby Shower!

Miss Emily's Baby shower cake...
Emily is so fashionably beautiful prego :)
Every pregnant woman deserves this big of a piece of was hillarious

August Birthday Party Cupcakes!!!

Out trip to Wenatchee...

Christina and I decided to load up all the kiddos and head for Wenatchee without the daddy's. This was my first weekend trip with the kids without Steve...we had fun but we missed our daddy. No messing around with this kid...Camrin just jumped right in! Cute little sissy, being so good
Absolutely no fear in my child

the girls
Mommy time while the kiddos take a nap
Oh yeah, Nolan came too but pretty much slept the whole trip at nana's house
Hot tub time!!!

Sprinkler Park Fun

Glasses on and ready to have some fun in the sun in Wenatchee...Wahoo!!!
Lil Poser
Lil Climber
Where's the water???

The Petting Farm

Here we go...
Sis wasn't too sure about all the animals at first.
Cam loved feeding all the sheep

The wild donkey...Camrin told us that this donkey has "crazy eyes" it was hillarious.
Gobble Gobble
The Moo Moo train was a lot of fun

Sis finally warmed up the the animals...who wouldn't love this gigantic piggy

Future Farmer!!!

Fun in Leavenworth

Me and my babies enjoying some yummy cottan candy ice cream.The cutest lil strut ever
Chris and Sam getting all sticky from the horribly made choc dipped ice cream...but a good memory I must say :)
Poor Cam surrounded by all us ladies
Rolling down the hill was a lot of fun..I even did it!!
So ready for a nap