I love waking up to fresh flowers waiting for me on the table. I have the best husband in the world. I am so thankful for him and the two beautiful children we have. Every day is valentines day for me, just having him in my life :) I love you babe!
I made some cupcakes for Grandma Linda's Valentine party...Grandma Margie, Papa Rob Cam and Emily insisted on doing a quality taste test. Sissy LOVED her cupcake...she was a frosting of a mess.You would have thought it was Christmas in February with all the gifts and love from Grandmas and Grandpas.

Sissy thought her dollie that talks to her was sooo funny...or it could have been the massive amounts of sugar she consumed.

Sissy's first big boo boo!!!

Ellie fell down at the park and got her first big boo. She barely cried and still smiling!

Seriously Mom...the bandage only lasted a few minutes :)

More bunnies please!!!

Soft bunnies
The kids absolutely adored the ducks and bunnies at Grandmas house. Who needs the zoo when you can go to Grandma's :)
Cam learned how to use the duck whislte...so glad we got to leave that with Grandpa Rob!
Being silly kids!!!

Having FUN in the winter sunshine!!!

I can't believe how beautiful it has been outside. We had lots of fun at the park with friends Chris and Sam. We can't wait for it to officially turn Spring!!!

The kids love the sandbox...
Camrin taking his Gal Sam for a ride...they are so cute together!

The fun continued inside...Camrin didn't want to share the sit n spin so he told Sam to hop on!!!

Pizza time...the kids loved making there own pizza, but once the pizza was baked, they were too full from eating all the toppings while preparing their pizza. Yummy!

Ellie's Sleepover...

Emily taking her friend Payton for a ride!

Best Friends...

Shining daddy's boots!

Just one of the joys of having kids...