Soon to be walking...

Camrin decided today that crawling just wasn't enough...he has great balance for taking his first "supported" steps

Like Father...Like Son

Camrin and daddy have the same sleeping pose.

Jumping with Hannah and Braden

Camrin got to bounce on Auntie Bonnies trampoline with her grandkids, Hannah and Braden

Standing in my crib

Camrin stands up in his crib and shouts out till we come and get him...

Auntie Ang and baby Reagan are in town

Raegan loves her mommy
Raegan flirting with uncle Steve
Camrin shows Reagan how to turn the page

Camrin trying to help Raegan get out of her carseat so they can play :)

Playing with cousins Kasy and Bo

Camrin was looking for Bo who was hiding, he found out that he can carry his toy in his mouth while he crawls...hillarious.
Camrin found Bo under the blanket
Follow me cousins
Camrin wore Kasy and Bo out

Take me swimming mom...

Camrin is all geared up for the pool

I'm a big boy now...

Camrin loves being able to play standing up...
He gets so brave that he tries to move from the chair to window...but ends up falling down

Camrin playing with a box

Aunti Cori and Camrin playing peek-a-boo in the cardboard box.
Camrin can stand up all by himself now. He is showing mommy what he found on the ottoman.

Tooo cute!

I just love Camrin in his cute little overalls.

Camrin and Kendall playing

Giddee up horsie...Kendall shared her rocking horse with cousin Cam...he loved it!
Cute litte bum bums crawling around
Kendall showed Camrin how to pull all the DVD's and books off the shelf...A moms work is never done, especially with little hands in everything :)
Kendall shared all her toys with Camrin...they are so cute.
Taking a break from crawling
Camrin being goofy for the Camera

Camrin meets Hudson

Camrin and mommy had fun hanging out with Hudson and Heather. I can't belive how fast they are both growing up.

Frog Boy!

And yet another sleeping position

Camrin finds a new, more comfortable sleeping position each week.

More baby on the move pictures

Daddy was helping Camrin scoot along on his lion...he loves to go fast.


Camrin loves getting around on his own...he is discovering a lot of new areas in the house...
like the electric outlets
the windows that have her favorite Bella on the other side. He will sit at the window forever giggling at Bella...he thinks she is so funny!
his new drawer

Our little man loves to explore!!!