Happy 40th Lu Lu!!!

Here is Luanne's 40th Birthday Cake I made her...Dedicated to her lifestyle as a hairdresser. She loved it :) My camera broke so these are phone pictures which aren't that great. :)

The fun was just beginning here...

Like Mother Like Daughter Birthday Party

A girly cake for my sister and neice who shared their birthday together
Celebrating 14 years and 40 years of life

Ellie giving Papa some love

Kasey was given her promise ring tonight...very special night for her :)

high fives to a fun party
Aunti Net with her boy Cam
Sissy showing off her pretty dress...thank cousin Kendi.

A good way to start your Birthday Day Off..

Today is my sister's 40th Birthday...so the kids and I surprised her at work with her FAVORITE; Starbucks Style Cupcakes made with love from Cam, Sissy and Mommy!

Point Defiance Zoo with my babies

Camrin thought this goat was hillarious...he kept begging me to take a picture of it.

Not only did we have to pay to get into the zoo...you have to pay to hold the bird on a stick, thank goodness the picture was taken for free..LOL

The Apes were pretty funny
Cuddly cubs

A Toy Story Treat...

A fun Toy Story cake to celebrate the adoption of Joseph into the Orourke Family. I hope he loved it!!!

Happy 4th Birthday Isaac

One of Camrin's best buddy's had a party today and Cam and I were in charge of the cupcakes. We had a lot of fun at the tott lot celebrating Isaac Seahawks style

Camrin's last T-Ball Game

Good job team
Never take the eye off the cupcake...

Camrin's First Day of Preschool

Camrin has been waiting for this day for a long time. He woke up so happy, came into our room quietly and told us he was ready to go to school...such a sweet moment.

Mr. Cool
Standing in line for the playland room
Such a good listener...this is when we left him...no tears, just complete excitement
Of course
Wait a minute...where is my brother

Sissy showing off her new boots just like Cousin Kendi's

When Big Brother is away Sissy will play with his stuff!

Emily first went for the Cars slippers...then she drank his milk and finally the gun :)

Whenever Camrin is away, Ellie goes crazy with Cams stuff...it is so funny. Her secret way of getting back at him I guess.

Rainy days at Starbucks...

Chris' Surprise 40th Birthday Party

We had a successful surprise 40th birthday party for Chris. Food was awesome (thanks Wayne for cooking some yummy ribs) company was great and a lot of good memories were made.
Here is my favorite cake to date that I made...an edible cigar box, with red velvet and cream cheese frosting inside. MMMmmmmmmmmMargie and her brother GeorgeUncle Tom and Aunt Maria helped us celebrate too
Sissy showing Gramma her cigar just like daddy's
Kendi was a bit unsure of why we are eating cigars :)
time to sit down and relax...something I don't really do
Bringing back good memories and hair styles
Present time
Smokin some cigars and breakin out the poker chips
Cam helping Uncle George win a hand in poker

And of course I got to end the night cuddling with baby Roman