Camrin's First Snow @ Chrissy's Cabin!

Mommy and Camrin playing in the snow
Look at those pretty blues
Hangin out on the back of the snowmobile
We had so much fun playing and sledding and snowmobiling on the snow.

Auntie Stacy, Nathan and Auntie Chrissy on the snow
Watch out here comes Camrin
Uncle Chris, David, Daddy and Camrin taking off downe the hill

Nathan and Camrin hanging out in the snow bucket
Steve shooting the pellet gun into the snow

Baby Camrin, Darrian and Chrissy

Stacy with Baby Nathan and Baby Camrin

All the kids loved playing in the buckets
Mommy playing superman with her little man
Camrin was watching Baby Einstien in his bucket

Logan and Isaac playing their video games
Camrin's first snow!!!
All bundled up with daddy
Camrin is getting ready for his first snowmobile ride
The men warmed up their feet after a getting all the women and kids to the cabin safely!!!

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