Camrin's First Camping Trip

We went camping this weekend with Grandma Margie and Grandpa Rob at Fish Lake in Eastern Washington. We had a lof of fun playing in the dirt, swimming in the lake and spending a fun filled day of shopping in leavenworth.
Grandma and Grandpa being silly in the hat store.
Camrin loved the swirly kites and the man in the goofy glasses.

Daddy and his baby boy!!!
Mommy and Cam getting comfy by the campfire.
Camrin loved the lake...our little fish.
Grandma showing off her grandsons dirty hands after he was doing army crawls to escape the tent.
my boys giggling before bed time!!!
The Fam!!!
Margie and her baby boy sporting the starbucks cups
Like father like son
What a beautiful day at the lake.
Camrin testing the waters.
Me and Margie

Lets go fishing dad!!!

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Solvita said...

Lashell, you look so good. you are a beautiful pregnant woman.