A Very Merry Christmas!!!

Christmas Day at Grandma Margies...

Camrin and his new car track set

Cousin Gracie showing Camrin how to text message
Grandma and her baby girl
Christmas Morning at Home
Baby Emily's First Christmas
Every todder needs a Mr. Potato Head

The Kids...including our BIG GIRL Bella.
Camrins big surprise from SANTA

Christmas Eve with Grandpa and Grandma Shank

Grandpa showing off the kids ornaments they made.

Christmas Eve with Lashell's Family
Grandpa Leonard working hard to get baby Emily asleep
Cousin Ezra and Cam playing around in their Christmas Jammies.

Camrin singing some tunes on Guitar Hero. He was sooooo adroble singing on the mircrophone putting on his own little concert.

And of course Emily is doing her own thing...sleeping of course.

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Solvita said...

Very cute pictures! Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas ;)

I love the pictures of Emily in the little Elf's hat. She is such a cutie!!!