Celebrating Mothers....

There is no bigger or better JOY in the world than being a MOTHER. I love my Full Time job being a MOM...but most of all I am thankful for my mom who made me who I am today!
My babies
Sunday BBQ with my mom and kiddos.
Camrin was such a gentleman...he served all the moms today.
After lunch...it was time for water gun wars with Papa (Camrin was laughing soo hard it was so cute...I love these happy moments)
Sweet moments...Ellie giving papa her signature smile.

My little cuteness!!!
More Mothers Day Fun!!!
After Cams party we got to celebrate mothers day with Margie and Whitney...It was a lot of fun!
Margie, Kendi, Ellie and Cam (before the water gun wars)

The only way to celebrate a mom...ganging up on her with the kids and water guns! Run, Grandma, Run!!!

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