Silverwood Theme Park

We made it...Let the fun begin!!!
Ummm, excuse me cat!

Camrin had the perfect set up...comfy ride and a big bag of kettle corn.
Our first family ride with Cam behind the wheel in an old classic.

Sis is holding on for dear life.

Time to fly
Sweet little blues...
Mommy and Emily on the Elephant ride

And the Panic Ride...I seriously thought I was going to die

I glady sat this one out...but the rest of the gang emptied there pockets and hopped on

Steve and Bo heading up
Kasy and Luanne...have been upside down for awhile now. Too funny!

Steve and Lu were the first ones on the aftershock
You'll never be the same after this ride

The End of the road for the Theme Raptor Reef!!!

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