Camrin checking out his cool new look...We visited Grandma Margie at her work so she could see her little Incredible HulkOf course Camrin had to make a few important phone callsCamrin and Grandma Margie walked in the costume parade contest...he thought he was such a big boy hanging out with all the people in their great costumes!
Grandpa Dave got to hang out with his tough boy today too!!!

And of course Auntie Net wouldn't miss out on all the fun...they were playing peek-a-boo in the laundry basket...having a GREAT TIME!

Grandma Linda loving on her little Hulk
My sweet little pumpkin ready to go trick or treating for the first time
Ready or not here daddy and I come...Camrin and daddy on their way to get some candyI got my basket and off I go...I can't believe how much of a BIG BOY our little guy is...so independent too!His first house is Auntie Bonnie next door

No need to explain, he knocked and waited patiently like he knew exactly what he was doing
When the door opened Camrin let himself in and made himself right at home. Who says the big bad buff incredible hulk can't play a little piano in between houses.Camrin helping daddy pass out candy at home
Camrin and Batman Bella goofing around...he loves his puppy dog

Camrin checking out all of his goods received

What a long day. We had so much fun trick or treating and watching Camrin play in his costume. He is so adorable and brings so much joy to our hearts. We were so happy daddy got to come home early and be with us for this fun event.

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